Heffley Creek Elementary exploring after school care partnership

School asking families to reach out if interested
 | May 4, 2022
Photo: A mural representing the Boys and Girls Club's values of diversity, equity and inclusion. Photo from BGC Canada on Facebook.

Heffley Creek Elementary School is looking into the feasibility of providing after school care this fall in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club.

The school has asked any families who would benefit from an afterschool program to reach out so they can get a sense of how much interest there is.

Grant Reilly, assistant superintendent of early learning and elementary education for School District 73, said the Boys and Girls Club used to have a program at Heffley Creek Elementary. The organization would like to restart it if the demand is there.

“They’ve only had a couple of families reach out and say that they would be interested, so I’m not sure that it’s going to be a go yet,” Reilly said. “They’re still giving some more time to see if more people respond.”

To run the program, there would need to be at least eight students registered. The club would cost about $250 a month, but families could apply for affordable care subsidies.

“After school clubs provide activities through games and crafts … to support kids and be a safe space,” Reilly said. “I can’t say exactly what this will look like particularly, but that’s the general theme with Boys and Girls Clubs.”

Families who would be interested can reach out to the school by calling 250-578-7227.