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How do we taper off the end of winter?

 | April 24, 2011

The (ski season at Sun Peaks) has ended with the finality of a full stop and an echo of loss. Why is it such an abrupt ending?  Why should we not give the little shops, restaurants and hotels that create the ambiance of this happy place an opportunity to prosper a little longer and offer better and better service in the years to come? Is there a formula for a more tapered method of closing depending on the dictates of Mother Nature? Is discussion with the community or consultation with stakeholders an option?

Why not leave a lift or two open that would allow access to the most commonly used areas, and cut hours of operation or do whatever it takes to secure the bottom line? I expect the expenditure will be well justified.

I think it worthwhile to remind all involved that we, as a community, do not take second place to anyone or any place. The pride we all feel is reflected in the need to share this beauty with as many as possible, as often as possible, for as long as possible and in the best circumstances possible.  The question is, why would anyone want to do otherwise?

Roy Fox, Sun Peaks