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Publisher’s Note

After years of study, information dissection and numerous public hearings, Sun Peaks finally became a Mountain Resort Municipality on June 28, 2010 and while a lot has changed, sadly some things have not. We now govern our own tax base, have community bylaws and the community will soon help draft such things as an official community plan. We have committees in place to deal with local business issues as well as a committee for those that cannot legally vote in Sun Peaks even though they own property here. With all the hard work and thought put in by council and staff to get British Columbia’s newest municipality up and running, you’d think more locals would pay attention to what’s actually going on. I guess I’m dreaming. Not only are the same six people at every council meeting, but some in the community have no idea we even now have our own bylaws.

The other day I got a gentle earful from a resident that was angry about a parking fine levied against her tenants that she thought was unjustified. This person felt that the municipality should inform every resident about these new laws. While I was sympathetic to her plight, how about people taking responsibility for their own lives and getting informed? It’s not up to the municipality or council to inform all the citizens of Sun Peaks every time they pass or amend a new community bylaw. Holy cow, that would be a big waste of time, paper and your tax dollars. If you want to affect change in your community you need to get informed, study the issues, ask questions, and yes, even attend meetings. After all, it’s all about you as you wanted it, you voted for it and now your taxes are going to pay for it. If you don’t like what you see happening in your community then follow the proper channels to get your grievance heard or just leave well enough alone and let council do the job we entrusted to them.

Speaking of jobs, I’m proud to announce that Lailani Mendoza has now been promoted to the role of editor at SPIN Newsmagazine and Kirsten Flinn has been hired as an editorial assistant. We welcome Kirsten on board at SPIN and are sure Lailani will fill out the editor’s shoes nicely.

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