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Jamieson pours out his heart

 | December 1, 2010

Canadian Reid Jamieson sings sweet romance on his new album Staring Contest.

Staring Contest is a compilation of beautifully sung, sweet, sappy songs that’ll have ladies swooning and men jealous. Crooner Jamieson, now living in Vancouver, provides an intimate insight into a life that has been both challenging and inspiring. He’s a true artist and multi-instrumentalist. Staring Contest, the sixth album by Jamieson, is due for release in September. The self-funded album features guest artists Samantha Parton (Be Good Tanyas), Anne Lindsay (Blue Rodeo) and John Sheard. The album was recorded in home studios, only adding to the intimate, close-to-heart feeling of the album.

Jamieson’s guitar work on Staring Contest is perfect, emanating a moodiness and vulnerability amplified by the musician’s vocals and heart wrenching lyrics. If you’re looking for that perfect wedding album, look no further. In fact, you’ll find a number of perfect proposal lines throughout the album. “Green Thumb” is a minimalistic acoustic track featuring only Jamieson and his guitar. “Rail” is characteristic ode to natural living, tramping the tracks of time. “Pretty Pictures” is a more upbeat track, yet again another love song albeit a really great one.

Staring Contest is a simple, beautiful album sung by a multi-talented artist who deserves more than a little credit for baring his soul in song.