Kamloops company builds inclusive playground

 | November 26, 2009

treehouseA local company has been commissioned to create an accessible playground as part of the Whistler 2010 Legacy program. The inclusive playground is one of three projects in this program for the cities of Vancouver, Richmond and Whistler.
Beaver Log Company Inc., a Kamloops company that produces log products, was chosen by the Municipal Resort of Whistler to carry out this project. The company prides itself in using salvaged wood and non-toxic, CSA-approved finishing in their products.
Trevor Genshorek, owner of Beaver Lodge Inc., said it was built so that “people of all ages and abilities could play together. Its main focus is the solid hollowed tree in the middle that has a wheelchair ramp going around on the inside. You can climb inside the tree, around and through it.” The tree is 10 ft. in diameter and 15 ft. tall and is outfitted with a roof. It also includes climbing areas around the tree.
“We’re very fortunate to be chosen,” said Genshorek. “It was a chance of a lifetime.”
The playground will be installed in the Whistler Celebration Plaza where the medal ceremonies will be held during the Olympics. “We will be relocating it to Whistler (in January) where it will be ready for the Games.”