Keeping the independent in local news

SPIN publisher Brandi Schier

Welcome to Sun Peaks! Whether you are gearing up for your first season or your 50th, there’s an energy in the air this time of year everyone can feel. Thank you for reading, whether you’re picking up a copy of our publication for the first time or the 500th, we appreciate every opportunity to connect with you. 

If you are new to the area, or just curious, let me answer a few of the usual questions I get. 

Yes, Sun Peaks has its own newspaper. Yes, I think that’s pretty cool too. No, we are not a part of the resort corporation, nor are we a part of the municipality. We are actually an independently owned business, and one of the few independently owned community newspapers left in the province. 

Yes, all of our revenue comes from advertising, the vast majority in print. No, we don’t receive or qualify for any government funding or grants and rely 100 per cent on our advertisers to be able to employ our small but mighty team. Yep, that’s still possible coming into 2020. But as we know, times are rapidly changing.

SPIN has enjoyed the support of the community for 17 years and has weathered boom and bust, the 2008 crash and more, all while Canada’s community news organizations have been dropping like flies. Individually, and as an industry, we know changes need to be made to the model to be able to continue producing this important community service. We’re working on it, however the breakneck pace of changing technology and media habits, plus the monolith companies controlling the digital media landscape have made it extremely challenging. 

In the meantime, we’re going to continue what we have always done: covering Sun Peaks in a way no other media outlet can and providing businesses a place to genuinely and consistently connect with their VIPs (our readers). As well, here are some ways you can support us as readers and community members:

  1. Like, share and comment on our online articles and sign up for our weekly e-newsletter
  2. Use our online classifieds, job postings, business listings and free events calendar for community information
  3. Send us your story ideas, events and letters to the editor
  4. Tell your friends and family about SPIN and why you support local news
  5. Let businesses know you noticed their ad in SPIN, or saw their event or news in our editorial
  6. If you own a business, consider budgeting marketing dollars specifically for your local publication (Facebook and Google currently receive around 75 per cent of online advertising in Canada)  
  7. If you are part of a not-for-profit, consider placing a few ads a year (which are offered at a discount) to assist in our coverage of your organization
  8. Let your federal, provincial and other elected officials know the health of community news is important to you  

As our community continues to evolve and grow, trusted local news is crucial to its development. We plan on being here through the thick and thin, just as we have in the past, and rely on the support of the community to do so.  We support Sun Peaks businesses, organizations and not-for-profits at every opportunity and sincerely notice and appreciate when it’s reciprocated. Thanks for all your support over the years and let’s have another awesome season together!