Keeping your files under lock and key

As criminals become increasingly sophisticated with technology, it’s very important to keep personal information safe. A new product on the market can make it easier to do just that. Encrypt Stick by ENC Security Systems is a multi-platform privacy software that encrypts your passwords, sensitive files and browsing history.
All you need to do is install the software on a USB Flash drive to create your very own digital safe. A Canadian product, Encrypt Stick is simple to install, easy to use and at $40 is reasonably priced. Because the software is on the USB, the technology is extremely portable. You can also use it on a PC or a Mac.
Encrypting files is easy and fast. Simply create a new vault, select a location for it and drag files to add to the vault. The vault is invisible to other computer users without your Encrypt Stick attached. The vault can also be saved on any writeable media or device and there’s no limit to the number of files you may encrypt.
If you lose your USB drive, no need to worry. Simply purchase a new licence and install it on a different flash drive. You can use the Lost Flash Drive tool to access files that were encrypted using the lost USB drive.
All files are encrypted using 512 bit polymorphic encryption, the strongest encryption currently available.
A new feature unique to Encrypt Stick is the Private Web Browser. Just like Firefox and Internet Explorer, it uses tabbed browsing, bookmarks and supports plugins like JavaScript and Adobe Flash.
If you want to do online banking or shopping but are worried about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, this may be the browser to use. All the data transmitted is encrypted using the same 512 bit encryption. The only downside is the pages may take a bit longer to load.
With the Private Web Browser, your browsing history and bookmarks are portable and accessible only to you. All the information is retained on your USB drive, leaving no trace in the computer—great for Internet coffee shops or browsing on public WiFi.
With the Password Manager, you only need to remember your Encrypt Stick password to use all your password protected accounts. Encrypt Stick’s password manager saves all your passwords and encrypts them. It also comes with a password generator.
For added protection, it has a virtual keyboard, so keylogging software can’t record your password. While the virtual keyboard is very useful and can be a hacker’s nemesis, it takes a bit of getting used to as it shuffles the letters and numbers with every key press.
Keeping confidential information secure whether online or offline is important. Encrypt Stick is a user-friendly, portable tool that covers all the bases. This is one tool that will give you your money’s worth.
To test drive the free version or to purchase Encrypt Stick, visit

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