KSAR dogs headed for big screen

The film will follow Taseko on the journey to assessment and validation. Photo KSAR

Kamloops Search and Rescue (KSAR) will be highlighted in a short documentary showing the lives of the dog’s of KSAR. 

Thanks to a $55,000 grant from Telus’ Storyhive program Jennifer Stahn, Anthony Stahn and Vesta Giles will follow three dogs and their handlers. 

One new puppy trying to pass assessment, a young dog that already passed puppy assessment and a validated dog trying to stay validated will be featured. The documentary will show what goes into training the pups and what motivates their volunteer handlers. 

Currently KSAR has two validated dogs on its team, out of around 15 in the province. 

The deadline for a complete film is June 1, 2020. It will be released to the public shortly after.