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Lock it or lose it

 | January 31, 2013

lock itHaving grown up in a Vancouver household of seven people, the front door of our home was like the never-shuttered doors of a 24/7 fast food outlet. Friends and family came and went at all hours and there was never a thought of having a key to lock or unlock the doors. In fact, no one even knew where to find a key if they wanted one! My dad was so trusting he’d leave his keys in the ignition of his car parked in the driveway day after day and would get mad if someone thought the key rack inside the house was a better-suited place for them.

There was never a thought of being burglarized; we knew all of our neighbours and felt safe where we lived.
In some ways living in Sun Peaks has that same feel to me — you know many people you see on the street by name, you know where they live and you may even know the name of their pet but that type of small town feeling we all enjoy shouldn’t make us complacent when it comes to protecting our belongings.

While we’ve taken huge steps as a community to make Sun Peaks an extremely safe place to live, work and play, people need to understand that whether you’re living in downtown Vancouver or in a condo at Sun Peaks you need to protect your home and belongings.

Even with round-the-clock security patrols, more police presence and more public awareness we’re not impervious to simple thievery. Only you can change a burglar’s reasons for using your house/car/condo as their personal department store.

Thieves are like bears, they’re opportunistic hunters. If they see something available to take, they’ll take it and think nothing of it. One person was recently busted selling skis stolen from Sun Peaks on kijiji.ca only to be caught a few weeks later pulling the same stunt with a stolen snowmobile. Too add to this, when the cops pulled him over with the stolen sled he also had stolen licence plates on his car. No one said he was smart, but people of this ilk are who you need to protect yourself against.

Make sure your house, car, skis, snowmobiles or any other treasures you have are kept secure and locked up at all times, mark your equipment, insure your belongings, alarm your house or condo and don’t get complacent as that’s when thieves strike.

Please be diligent, watch out for your stuff and your neighbours’ and call the Rural RCMP at 250-314-1800 should you see anything suspicious going on around your community.