Longboarding event returns

Step away from your screen and go ride

Over 70 people attended the event last year. Photo John Huey


For the second time the annual Skate Sun Peaks Freeride event will return on June 10 and 11.

Last year’s event was successful and saw around 70 participants. Event producer Lee Cation said the event, hosted by Landyacht Longboards, was well received.

“Everyone was really excited to come up to Sun Peaks. A lot of people hadn’t been there before, and the location has a lot of features that other locations don’t have.” said Cation. “It’s a very unique spot.”

He said many guests came from Alberta, Washington and Vancouver Island.
Cation has been creating and organizing skate events for over 10 years in Squamish, Whistler, Kelowna and North Vancouver. He is also a founder and former director of the International Downhill Federation, a European not-for-profit racing group.

He said they want to help bring awareness to the Kamloops Longboard Club and the Sun Peaks Skate Park Foundation.

The goal of the event is to have a good time as it’s not a competition. It provides the opportunity for people to ride the Mountain Cross Cart track and take the carpet lift up. On Sunday there is an option for voluntary timed runs.

Cation said the ‘park’ style track, where they don’t have to close down a public road, is one of the best things about having the event at Sun Peaks. They usually have to constantly start and stop for traffic, whereas they can use the track all day without interruption.

The event is free to spectate, is family friendly and marks the beginning of Sun Peaks’ summer events.

“It’s really just about getting outside, having fun, and getting people out from behind their screens,” said Cation. “At the end of the day it’s an event for young and old, male and female, and all walks of life. Our goal is to be really open and inclusive.”