Make way for snow removal

 | October 9, 2012

Sun Peaks Municipality and the Ministry of Transportation, in co-operation with Argo Road Maintenance, requires all dedicated and statutory rights-of-way within Sun Peaks Resort be cleared of all vehicles, equipment, building materials, and any other items that limit snow clearing and storage no later than October 31 each year.

Items remaining within the rights-of-way after this date may be removed by the Ministry and/or the Municipality at the owner’s expense.

The Municipality will be installing snow markers this year as part of the road right-of-way snow removal program. The snow stakes will be installed on the edge of the roadways and we will require vehicles to be at least four feet from the markers in order to have proper snow removal by the contractor.

The Municipality may also issue bylaw infraction tickets under its Parking and Traffic Bylaw No. 0009, if items are not moved upon request.