Manage expectations, manage results

If we expect the best in life we will surely find it. If we expect the worst in life – guess what happens? In each case we are tuning our mind into whichever radio station we have pre-set on our mental dial.

One hundred people can look at one situation and will have 100 different ‘takes’ on that same situation. It’s true, those who say they are unlucky are, and those who say they are lucky are – life is a self-fulfilling prophecy – it all depends on our expectation in each situation.

We all know if we play the game of seeing how many red cars we can see on a trip, the number of red cars we see seems to be far more than usual. What’s going on here? Well the number of red cars hasn’t changed, but our choice to pay attention to them has.

Now how can we use that to manage expectations and thereby manage results?

We know that what we focus on grows. In the case of the red car game, paying attention to the potential for seeing red cars means we do actually notice more of them.

So if we want to experience a positive outcome from each experience we have in life we have to actively start looking for the positive in each situation we are faced with. (It’s the brain train equivalent of looking for the red cars)

Start the day with the intention of taking three of the day’s experiences, good or bad, and in each situation asking, “What have I learnt here that will enable me to become a stronger, more powerful and successful?”

When you choose what to take from a situation ahead of time you become the dominant force in guiding your mind in noticing and acting upon opportunity.

You are predetermining your ability to be more flexible and then choose how to respond to the challenges you face on a daily basis.

The most powerful and successful people we know are often experts at staying calm and well grounded in the most challenging of situations. They are pre programmed to look for the most effective way of learning from and growing from the challenges they face.

With practice, you too can become this flexible with your greatest asset, you own mind.

Use this technique to manage expectation and thereby manage results.

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