Mascon high speed will start in Whitecroft Sept. 15

 | August 25, 2010

It was a busy couple of weeks for Mascon Cable Systems employees as they installed fibre optics in Sun Peaks and nearby Whitecroft.

The company updated its infrastructure to make high speed Internet, cable TV and digital phone available in Whitecroft following the approval of its Connecting Citizens Grant earlier this year.

There will be another two weeks to finalize the job after the fibre optic installation is done, said Mascon Cable manager Darren Muloin.

“We hope to have everything done by September 15,” he added. Muloin said they have approximately 40 subscribers in Whitecroft signed up for their services to date.

Because of the terrain, installation was a bit tricky. The company used a truck with an extra long boom to reach the poles and also hired a contractor who used climbing spurs to climb the poles in areas where the poles didn’t run parallel to the road.

Connecting Citizens Grant is a government program that aims to get rural communities connected online by sharing the cost of infrastructure with Internet service providers such as Mascon Cable Systems.

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