Master coach back to the fold

 | March 27, 2013

JohnCrichton_ColourHome will always be where the heart is for Johnny Crichton, so it was with some regret that he moved on from his position as program director and head coach of the Sun Peaks Alpine Club (SPAC) to accept the role of head coach of the men’s and women’s BC Alpine ski team.

Crichton said the timing was right to get back into elite level race ski coaching after taking some time to come home and focus on family following the 2010 Winter Olympics.

“It’s been a really good three years, helping (SPAC) get back up to speed,” Crichton said of his time as head coach and program director. While there’ll be plenty of travelling in his new role, Crichton added that he hopes the BC Alpine ski team will train at Sun Peaks in November 2013 and beyond.

“That’s the goal,” Crichton said. “B.C. being such a big province, we’ve got athletes from the North, East Kootenay, Alberta, Whistler and the Okanagan. With Kamloops being fairly central in the province it makes sense to try to localize here.”

The payoff would be better exposure for local racers to elite level ski racing.

“This actually provides a great opportunity for (SPAC),” Crichton explained. “It allows all of our children to have exposure to the best (athletes) in the province — they get to know them and they get to train with them. It’s just a tremendous opportunity for them.”

It’s likely to have a positive economic impact on Sun Peaks.

“We’ll end up having kids from all over the province come here to train (right) beside the B.C Alpine ski team. Everybody wants to get a shot to be seen by those coaches,” Crichton said.

And Crichton plans to stay involved with SPAC.

“I’m going to be a consultant and I’m going make their transition into new program director and head coach as seamless as possible. I’m going to stay as involved as much as I can.

“It’s a great club (with) a fantastic executive and some great coaches.”

Crichton will start his new job with the BC Alpine ski team on April 15.