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“Maya” weird and wonderful

 | August 18, 2010

If you’re looking for an album with meaning, quirk and addictive sound, check out the newest release from M.I.A, Maya.

The album already made headlines earlier this year, thanks to a shocking music video to the track “Born Free” directed by Romain Gavras, portraying United States military officials rounding up a bus load of redheads and forcing them to run through an open minefield. It’s gory to say the least, but M.I.A isn’t shy about making political statements.

Maya is a fantastic album, with each song a little different from the last. This album is noticeably more electronically charged and dubbed than previous albums like Arular. You’ll find lots of glitchy tracks with heavy bass, and tons of odd little sound clips thrown in.

The album mixes tribal sounds with choirs, computer key clicks and just about everything in between. With catchy, eccentric M.I.A lyrics Maya is true to the artist’s form while being something new and different from anything else out there. Dance floors will be full to this one.

“XXXO” is very pop, and could easily fit into a Lady Gaga gig, while the next track “Teqkilla” is all M.I.A—glitchy hip hop with a feminine edge. “It Takes a Muscle” is electronic reggae, perfect for summer listening, while “Meds and Feds” is a hard pounding rock piece. You get a little of everything in this bag.

M.I.A has turned out very few poor tracks in her musical lifespan and she just seems to get more edge and intensity as her career progresses. Pick your favourite track and enjoy!

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