McLaren celebrates Scottish heritage with custom skis


Ian McLaren, previous owner of McSporties, hasn’t stepped back from his involvement in the store.

This week 38 pairs of skis arrived at the shop, custom designed by McLaren and his wife Celeste to celebrate his Scottish heritage.

The top sheet of the Atomic Vantage skis blends nearly 30 different tartans with McLaren’s family tartan at the tips. They also feature a lion, thistles and an x to represent Scotland and the words “Scottish Descent,” the nickname for McLaren’s team at past ski races.

The design was completed by Jillian Zielinski in Kamloops.

Many pairs have already sold to family, friends and other Scots but the remainder are available at McSporties.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a number of years,” McLaren said. “Even the guys at the factory in Austria wanted them.”

3. Matthias Schmid, owner of McSporties, with McLaren

2. The top of the skis feature McLaren’s family tartan











1. The designer combined nearly 30 tartans



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