Month in Photos-May 12 to June 8

10. Late spring conditions allowed for a post season race training camp.

9. The Sun Peaks Fire Department helped to clean the village streets in May.

8. The new fire hall Work Experience Program participants have arrived for summer.

7. Matthias Schmid celebrates his Top to Bottoms win with Ian McLaren.

6. A landslide took out trees and a power pole on a property near Sun Peaks.

5. Corvin Munson helps clean up the woods near the Heffley Creek Eco Depot.

4. Corvin, Anisty and McKenzie Munson pitched in to clean trails near the Heffley Creek Eco Depot.

3. Too cool for school at the Super Sender Season Ender Bender.

2. Slush Cup participants celebrated another epic end of the winter season.

1. North Thompson MLA Peter Milobar stopped at Sun Peaks during the provincial election campaign.



  1. Huge thank you to Vic Beisel for organizing and the Kamloops Dirt Biking Association for sponsoring the event! Morante Development and Thompson Regionals Contracting were huge contributors 🙂

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