More chances to get dirty

 | July 18, 2012

Note: the Dirty Feet Crit Race originally scheduled for July 21 has been cancelled. The marathon will run as planned on July 22.

Grace and Phil Hiom, owners of the company Dirty Feet, are inspiring people to get out there, especially if it means getting some mud on the boots.

Dirty Feet offers trail running, mountain bike and snowshoe races throughout the B.C. Interior. This summer it will host two events at Sun Peaks, a mountain bike weekend July 21 and 22, and a mountain run on September 8.

“We just wanted to bring racing to everybody and get everyone to enjoy the atmosphere that’s created by an event,” explains Phil Hiom of the genesis of Dirty Feet. “It doesn’t matter where you come in; you’ll try harder . . . if it’s competition, regardless of who you are.”

The mountain bike weekend begins with crit and pump track races, followed by a cross-country marathon.
“A crit is a short loop race where you do a set number of laps before the race begins,” explains Hiom. “A bell (will ring) and then it’s a race for x amount of time. Once you’ve done that time, it’s five or three laps to the win.”

This crit will be suitable for cross-country or mountain bikes, and will take place on both paved and trail surfaces.

The marathon is a 16 km course to be lapped three times to make up the race. Hiom had hoped for a 20 km loop, but conditions on the cross-country and dogsled trails remain too muddy.

“They’re going to climb up Home Run on Morrisey, and then cut across to Holy Cow and climb (that) until they get to Bruin Romp. The first 4 km they’re going to gain most of their elevation,” says Hiom. “If we can find four more kilometres that are dry then we’ll put them in, but if not then we’ll leave it at 16 km.”

Keep your eye on SPIN for more information on the Dirty Feet Mountain Run coming up on September 8, and check out the Dirty Feet website at