New camp teaches outdoor skills to all

It can be hard to know what gear you need.

For those who grew up skiing it is easy to think you know the basics— how to dress for the weather, select gear you need, how to choose a run.

But those lacking the same experience may be left wondering what lenses work for different light or what exactly a tree well is.

Last year, school groups and teams reached out to create custom camps that taught extra skills. After receiving positive feedback Bodie Shandro, off-piste camp coordinator for Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR), decided to offer the camp to all.

“It’s like taking a defensive driving course but defensive skiing,” Shandro said.

The camp is $365 for the first three people and runs four hours covering everything from where and how to check the weather, how to select the right gear for every weather, mountain safety, light levels and more.

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” Shandro said. “Once you are aware of hazards you can know what to do to avoid them.”




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