Nightly rental deadline approaches

fairways driveThe initial round of three properties applying to be rezoned for nightly rentals did not meet with any resistance at the Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) meeting on April 20, where they were passed through a second reading.
Rob Bremner, chief administrative officer for SPMRM, said the next step in the process would be a public meeting on May 25, where council would have the opportunity to hear feedback from members of the community on the proposal.
The three properties — located on Lookout Ridge Drive, Sunburst Drive and Sundance Drive — will be given a final review at the June council meeting, where council will choose whether or not to grant the properties rezoning.
Nightly rentals, or short-term rentals lasting less than 28 days, are a common occurrence in Sun Peaks, particularly during the peak winter season.
“We have lots of people that rent out their properties, but we also have people who don’t necessarily like it,” Bremner said.
According to Bremner, many residents were under the impression they had the right to offer nightly and short-term rentals, however current zoning bylaws do not allow for it.
“We’ve been reviewing the best way to handle it for quite some time. We’ve done a fair bit of research and the only way to really fix this issue is to spot zone (individual properties).
“We’re allowing people to come in and make applications to get their properties zoned properly for vacation homes.”
Until the end of June, SPMRM is offering a reduced application rate for properties wishing to be rezoned for nightly rentals.
Following the June deadline, SPMRM will move to more strictly enforce short-term rental properties.
“We have a fairly lengthy list of the properties that do it, and we’ll start to pursue them. We actually passed the zones almost a year-and-a-half ago, so we’ve been very lenient.”
Homeowners wishing to lodge a zoning application can visit the visit the municipality offices, located in the Kookaburra Lodge.