No one trick pony: Turcotte wins third X-Games medal

Brett flies through the air with his snowmobile. | PHOTO Submitted

For the eighth year B.C. native Brett Turcotte spent the end of January in Aspen, Co. competing at the world renowned X-Games. Originally a snowmobile snowcross racer, he now competes in freestyle, for which he won bronze in 2016. This year his father, fiancèe and two daughters were in the crowd to cheer him on as he won a silver medal for best snowmobile trick, his third X-Games career medal.

Turcotte was edged out of first place by Daniel Bodin from Sweden but said he’s still proud of the result.

“It was a good showing for myself. It was still exciting and congrats to Daniel,” Turcotte said. “I’m not downplaying my silver medal at all but I’m definitely ready to exceed that and chase after a gold medal next year.”

His trick, a coyote indy, a backflip while holding onto the handlebars and kicking his feet sideways, earned him 83.33 points.

Turcotte said his strategy headed into the competition was to have a plan and be as healthy and focused as possible.

“It’s hard to ride through pains and struggles,” he said. “The crowds are big and there is a lot of energy and there’s cameras in your face steady and you’re waiting to go and you’re ready to go, it definitely is almost more of a mental game there than physical.”

While mid-air he said he doesn’t think of much other than the trick.

“I’m not really thinking about what kind of taco I’m going to have for lunch,” he said. “But definitely there is a thought process that goes on in the air. A lot of the time I’m just focusing on making sure the sled feels right in the air,” he said. “For me, I’m comfortable enough that I can correct it mid-air, everything just clicks.”

He practices the tricks at his home training facility and a friend’s property with a foam pit, which Turcotte said takes away some of the stress and pain of trying new tricks.
His family and the communities of Clearwater and Kamloops have supported him through many years of competing.

“I want to say thank you to the locals in Clearwater here,” Turcotte said. “All the local businesses, friends and acquaintances have really helped me succeed. I want to say thanks to all of them for the support. It’s cool to see people paying attention.”

Turcotte will return to the X-Games in Aspen next year.