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Obama earns failing grade

 | November 5, 2012

“No, no, no, it ain’t me you’re looking for.” Bob Dylan.

Four years ago I wrote that the president-elect, being new and young, deserved a chance. Well, he’s had it and now it’s time for his report card to be released, especially since there was so much pressure on Dub-ya Bush to show the world he wasn’t exactly an academic (or other) star either.

The main reason Obama was elected was that the US was in a recession. He raised and spent the unimagined sum of $1 billion and managed to carry the presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives—an admirable feat and a good inrun to sail through the first four years of his term.

“How’s that hopey-changey thing working out for you?” Sarah Palin asked. Ouch!

Let’s start with the economy. The facts are: national debt at $16 trillion, up $6 trillion in four years, something Bush only increased by $4 trillion in eight years; unemployment rate among African Americans at 16 per cent, up from 12.6 per cent; median household incomes down $4,000; food stamp recipients up to 46 million from 32 million; long term unemployment up 146 per cent; plus a whole raft of other ugly numbers that point to an economic doofus-in-chief. Shall we continue? The 1,400-page ObamaCare Bill, the 1,700-page financial regulatory bill, an obstructionist federal lands drilling policy on energy, high-speed rail proposals to nowhere, the refusal to upgrade vital 40-year-old pipelines, praising Brazil for finding offshore oil while denying Americans to do the same . . . Mr. And Mrs. America, I have bad news for you. Young Barack’s grade in this subject is an “F.”

Social Policy’s next. The number of African Americans killing each other in Chicago on any given weekend is higher than the casualties of the Afghanistan front (another thing that was supposed to have been fixed by now). The racial divide now includes African Americans attacking Chinese, Latino gangs running guns easily across the borders, white supremacist’s music videos going viral and affirmative action being legally challenged. WTF—this wasn’t supposed to happen. There’s more; 31-year-old “schoolgirls” (Sandra Fluke) demanding continued free contraceptives; disagreement with the Republicans for asking people to show ID (I have to), demanding Catholic priests give out condoms, etc. Grade “F.”

Foreign Policy (don’t peek—you’ll read the grade soon enough) is a shambles. When people around the world are burning effigies of you, I’d venture to say that you aren’t exactly winning the popularity contest. The Libya Embassy screw up, the Gitmo purgatory, the aggressive Asians hurriedly building navies, the Iranian insistence on specifically targeted nukes, the Pakistani “allies” openly disdaining the Western infidels, Christian churches attacked everywhere all point to only one possible grade, another “F.”

Barack Hussein Obama has charisma no doubt. And a toad has warts. I’m sure, as his wife says, he’s a good father but as commander-in-chief, architect for positivity, agent for prosperity, visionary for a better future and leader for the next four years, a failure. Canada needs a prosperous, pragmatic superpower as a neighbour. We aren’t getting it with this man. Fearless forecast! Romney Presidency, Democratic Senate, Republican House. (I’ll buy beer if I’m wrong!)