Sun Peaks Resort LLP will split this site into four lots for development.

After a public hearing and third reading, Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) adopted an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment and a rezoning application on Sept. 18. 

Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR) applied for the amendment and rezoning to allow for more density on their East Village lot. 

Some residents from the Lookout Ridge and East Village area expressed concern with the applications. 

One homeowner said they appreciated the unobstructed views from their lot, the quiet of the area and access to cross country trails, all of which they believed would be affected. 

Peter Nixon, SPR’s representative at the hearing, explained with trees staying around the riparian area their view should still be visually appealing and, he added, having trees would help block sound. Nixon also said SPR had considered trail access and it will still be available and visible in an updated resort master plan by the end of the year. 

Other residents said they were worried about making piecemeal changes to the plan instead of an overall review. SPMRM mayor Al Raine said an updated OCP is underway and will reflect any and all changes. 

Another Sun Peaks’ resident stated they were apprehensive of the development when the municipality is facing issues with water and sewer capacity. 

SPMRM chief administrative officer Rob Bremner explained development cost charges would apply to the project and be used to pay for any impact the new development had on the community’s infrastructure. 

Other concerns raised by attendees included ensuring families can live near the planned East Village school site, density, access to tourist services from tourist accommodation and future plans in the area. 

In the council meeting following the public hearing council gave both the OCP amendment and rezoning applications third hearing and they passed unanimously. 

Nixon told council work will begin on the project in the spring.