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Old gold rush trail repurposed by trail builder who is rich in reputation

 | July 20, 2020

100 Mile House, the gateway to the Cariboo Chilcotin, has a long history of travellers stopping in on their way to other adventures but, the new Hustle and Flow mountain bike trail, has people stopping for a new reason.

Back-to-back wall ride features on the Hustle and Flow trail with an excavator working away in the background.

Thousands of people travelled the Cariboo Wagon Trail to the interior of the province hoping to find riches in the late 1800’s during the gold rush era. Now, the area is rich in mountain bike recreation for all ability levels.

The Cariboo Wagon Trail starts in Lillooet, B.C., at  what’s called Mile 0 and goes all the way to Quesnel, B.C., following the banks of the Fraser and Thompson rivers. Not only did this trail allow prospectors to move into the Interior of B.C. but it is also partly responsible for populating the area in the late 1800’s.

A collaboration between the 100 Mile mountain bike club (HunCity Mountain Bike Club), Rec Sites and Trails BC as well as the District of 100 Mile House, has created the new trail riding opportunities in the area. The newest trail, called Hustle and Flow was completed in May of this year and is now welcoming riders. 

Lower and Upper Climb and Punishment are three new green climbing trails in addition to the new moderate, machine built, bike-park-style signature trail, Hustle and Flow. All were made with the help of  world renowned trail builder and mountain biker, James Doeerfling of Jimco contracting and First Journey Trails (FJT).

Intricate wood features add depth to the new flow trail.

Thomas Schoen, chair of the Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium and chief executive officer, planner, and builder for FJT said he wanted the new trails in 100 Mile House to be an additional stop for riders who are traveling the Kamloops to Quesnel mountain biking corridor.

FJT has built a reputation as a highly regarded trail building contractor from expanding other attention grabbing trails and networks around the province including The Skawahlook Adventure Park in Agassiz, Soda Creek, Snakes and Ladders in Prince George and The Simpcw nation trail network expansion, and has instructed trail building for Thompson Rivers University.

According to Mountain Biking BC, the signature trail includes many  elaborate wooden features.

“The great thing about these trails is anyone can ride them and have a blast. Young kids can ride the whole trail and have a riot,” Steve Law, president of HunCity Mountain Bike Club told Mountain Biking BC. “A professional expert like James Doerfling can hit every jump and feature. That’s the kind of experience we wanted to create, something for advanced riders, something for families, trails that can serve the broadest possible demographic.”

With the addition of these new trails there are now 20 trails and over 30 kilometres of mountain biking when coupled with the 108 Mile Trail Network, just north of the new trails at the 99 mile marker south of 100 Mile House. The XC style trails around 100 Mile House are a great progression for riders before moving on to the Williams Lake trails and the Soda Creek trails further along highway 97 

For more news and information on the Cariboo Chilcotin trails visit the Cariboo Mountain Biking Consortium website at and for more information on mountain biking in 100 Mile House visit the Hun City Mountain Biking Club website at