Passing the weights – Local trainer Petersen takes over gym

Petersen after teaching a class at Black Beaver CrossFit. | Photo SPIN

When I meet Jase Petersen at Black Beaver CrossFit I’m apprehensive. I consider myself athletic enough but CrossFit seems different, somehow more intimidating. A workout is written on a whiteboard and it looks like double what I would normally do at the gym.

But before long I feel at home. Petersen took my injuries, strengths and weaknesses into account and altered the moves for me.

It’s his passion for coaching and the gym that led him to take over from previous owners Hamish and Tori Charlton who opened the facility in 2015.

“I was looking for something to make my lifestyle (of biking and skiing) easier,” Petersen said of why he began training three and a half years ago. “I enjoyed the process.”
One year in he had lost 35 pounds and completed his certification as a coach. Now he will be the only coach for the gym and has plans to expand offerings in the future after settling into the business this winter.

Petersen said he can see himself being involved with other fitness facilities in the community as it grows.

Before that, his goal is to grow the current facility beyond the sixty active members.
“I have some ideas, but the biggest is maintaining the dedication to creating a fit community,” he said. “I’m looking at options to make it more available.”

Like I experienced, the programming provides the option to scale exercises and reps depending on injuries and ability to create the same level of intensity for everyone.
Petersen said this is especially important in a community as active as Sun Peaks.
He wants class participants to be able to spend the day skiing, biking or being active outdoors and still attend a class.

“Knowing how active this community is, my vision is to create a facility and training program that can complement that.”

For Petersen, it’s a way to contribute to the community and commit to Sun Peaks.

“I’m so excited. Seeing the growth over the past ten years I know were on the edge of that boom again with the ability to grow.

“I understand the needs of the community and the lifestyle. Being up here so long people are receptive and it’s more personal.”




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