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Philip’s living life, and we’re loving his music

 | April 18, 2011

Just in time for things to warm up seasonally, is the new album by B.C. one-man band Shane Philip.

The new album, Life.Love.Music is Philip’s fourth production, concentrating on themes of environmentalism, family life and love. He blends together an album of soft ballads and upbeat tribal sounds, including a heavier take on reggae favourite “Exodus”. His signature didgeridoo is present on nearly every track.

Philip is a favourite in Canada, and it’s not hard to see why. His seamless combination of Weissenborn-style guitar, electronic drums, didgeridoo and accompaniments are the ideal cocktail for summer music festivals, intimate indoor shows and relaxing on the beach, or lakeside.

Life.Love.Music is produced by Jody Baker who’s collaborated with Philip on previous albums and also plays bass and drums on this one. It took only eight days to build the album and yet it has a very clear, polished sound. “Lies” features some amazing didgeridoo work, and “Best Friends” features some beautiful guitar work.

Similar to Australia’s Xavier Rudd, Philip’s hippie lyrics and environmental overtones make for a thoughtful, easy to listen to album that all Canadians can be proud of, and should listen to!

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