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Political atmosphere

 | September 20, 2010

RE: Enough of this nonsense a letter regarding
Gerald Allgaier’s column “Lessons from Socialism”

Obviously the oxygen-rich and pure environment of Clearwater did nothing for the civility of one of its denizens. In little babies, such gaseous densities can cause terrible destruction to sight; could it be that the equivalent malady in adults is political blindness?  If we could convince Gerald to take a short course in a hyperbaric chamber, the ill effects of the rare atmosphere of Sun Peaks on his political philosophies could, according to the physiological observations of your Clearwater reader, be easily reversed. 

Extrapolating from this “science” it might not be too farfetched to speculate that a longer stay could possibly elevate the vector of his opinions in the direction of a new and even more logical version of Das Kapital.  However, such extremes may not be required; just moving to the perfect atmosphere of Clearwater maybe all that’s required in the long run.

Roy Fox, Sun Peaks, B.C.


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