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Political Point of View: Left leaning, right raving polarity

 | August 29, 2012

“I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” — Voltaire.

It may be a stretch to compare the plight of the Russian girl punk band Pussy Riot with the Chick-fil-A franchise but the same toddler-like mentality is present in both cases. Whereas Vladimir Putin thinks a couple of girls making sarcastic songs deserve seven years in the crowbar hotel for insouciance, we have the embarrassing spectacle of the mayors of Chicago, Boston and San Francisco warning the chicken outlet not to try to open their fast food joints in their burgs because its traditional marriage proponent big wig had the sheer gall to call gay marriage wrong. The mainstream media is going nuts over Chick-fil-A owner, Dan Cathy’s comments.

The gay lobby not-so-surprisingly announced a boycott of the chicken company, balanced with guerrilla kiss-ins, whereupon the traditional marriage folks turned out in droves to buy the brand. Guess which one made all the headlines even though the numbers were way bigger for the right wing chicken crowd?

It’s not easy being an ignorant, brainwashed, ill-informed, antideluvian, out of step with the right wing Tea Party sympathizer these days. If you say that marriage is a union between Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, the media will portray you as a daft, probably senile old fart.

Move on to the health care private versus public debate. If my dog can get an MRI next week, why can’t I buy the same service for my aging parents? Actually, I know the answer; it’s un-Canadian. It’s against what we stand for, it’s maybe even unpatriotic. Huh? I thought diversity of opinion was one of our strengths as a country. Apparently, to think that something that brings us long wait times, sprawling bureaucracies and chronically disgruntled employees is a good thing and doesn’t need diverse opinion is also out of bounds for polite discussion. What else would you expect from a climate change denier?

I am a big fan of pipelines and copper mines as all of you are too. This is because anyone who drives a vehicle or takes public transit has the ability to do so because, in the bad old days, if we needed oil in Vancouver from the big bad tar sands in Alberta, it happened without any crying about spilled crude. Mining shaped this province and gave it the resources to build the social services all the lefties want for free. Face it folks, somebody has to pay for our socialist Nirvana. Can’t we just talk about it rationally?