Posing the pipeline or propane question

 | October 9, 2012

Sun Peaks Utility Company Limited (SPUCL) has confirmed that work has begun on the impact assessment of replacing Sun Peaks’ propane storage facility on Industrial Way with a natural gas pipeline.

“We’re working with FortisBC to identify the conversion requirements of a sample of homes and business at Sun Peaks,” says SPUCL manager Pat Miller. “The first step is to ensure that gas lines and appliances comply with current B.C. gas regulations. In addition, we’ll assess what’s required to convert existing propane appliances to natural gas.”

Over the years SPUCL has given each area builder a Developer’s Package of Utilities Information that speaks to the company’s future intention of converting from propane to natural gas. The package outlines the requirement for code compliant gas piping and meter sets, and reminds developers to retain the original natural gas components on appliances.

SPUCL will undertake a sample survey to identify to what extent compliance was achieved, and serve as a baseline from which to estimate conversion costs.

For those impacted customers, this preliminary conversion audit will take place between October 9 and 12, 2012.

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