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Prepare to wow the crowd

 | February 2, 2010

Are you a closet performer? Or are you someone with talents of Canadian Idol calibre but feel lining up outside for hours to perform just isn’t your thing? Well, your long-awaited opportunity is right here in Sun Peaks.

Bottoms Bar and Grill and Powder Hounds Restaurant will both have open mic nights throughout the winter season. Anyone, whether untrained or professional, can entertain the crowd with a song, a musical performance, a dance or a stand-up comedy at these two establishments.


After a successful trial evening, Bottoms Bar and Grill will be having the next open mic night on Sunday, Feb. 14.

Bottoms has held the event on and off for the last two years. Over those years, manager Nathan Cross said he’s seen a variety of performances—from heavy metal to folk to hip hop—from courageous souls that braved the spotlight.

“We’ve done spontaneous jams just to get locals in and have fun and to see some new material,” said Brian Beck, who first espoused the idea for the event at Bottoms.

Beginning this February, Powder Hounds will have three open mic nights until April. The event is scheduled for the first Sunday of each month: Feb. 7, March 7 and April 4.

Frequented as a group hangout, Powder Hounds is a suitable location to hold an open mic night for everyone’s entertainment, said owner Peter Ernst. There’s no reason to get nervous either. “We will help them through,” he said, chuckling. “Everybody’s welcome.”

To participate, simply show up on Sunday night, write your name on the sign up sheet and prepare to wow the crowd.