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Prepared for power outages?

 | January 15, 2013

The recent power outage that affected Sun Peaks and surrounding areas was a timely reminder that residents need to be properly prepared for power outages. According to BC Hydro, there are a number of ways to be prepared for the worst:

Have a plan
Each household should include an emergency plan in case the outage lasts longer than expected.

Prepare an emergency kit
The kit should be accessible and include the emergency plan, a first aid kit, emergency contact phone numbers, flashlight, batteries, battery radio, telephone, non-perishable foods and warm clothes and blankets. Check the kit from time-to-time to ensure the items are in working order.

Know who to call and where to check for updates
If you have Internet access (such as on your smartphone) you can check for updates on BC Hydro’s website: You can also contact the police and BC Hydro. When the power does go out, call 1-888-POWERON on a home phone (769-3766) or call 1-888-HYDRO (49376) from a mobile phone.

Turn off appliances and electronics
To avoid a power surge when the power returns, you should turn off all appliances, heaters and electronics. A power surge can cause injury, damage, fire or another outage. Surge protectors can help protect electrical devices like computers and TVs.

Do not approach fallen power lines
You should stay 10 metres away from fallen lines at all times and report them to BC Hydro. Do not attempt to clear debris. Instead, contact BC Hydro to remedy the problem.

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