Quiet New Year’s Eve for RCMP at Sun Peaks

Kamloops RCMP responded to 16 reports at Sun Peaks over the holidays, from Dec. 24 to Jan. 1.

Cpl. Mike Mucha from Kamloops’ Rural RCMP detachment said five were over Dec. 31 and Jan 1.

“Overall the New Years eve festivities were very quiet this year,” he said.

Of the 16 files one was for break and enter, two were for theft, two were for assault, two were for collisions, one was a mental health act response, one was for noise and two were for road blocks. Four were for false or abandoned 911 calls which are relatively common in Sun Peaks as guests attempt to dial out of hotel rooms.

Kamloops RCMP also reminded skiers not to store skis and other equipment in their vehicles as there has been an increase in theft from vehicles by breaking windows to steal items left in plain sight.

“In recent patrols of vehicles in residential neighbourhoods, volunteers and officers have noted a large number of vehicles with ski equipment left inside.  Many of the vehicles were locked but the equipment was in plain view,” read a statement published Jan. 8.

“…skiers are reminded that locking a vehicle is not enough if you leave your valuable equipment inside.  Always take all sporting goods and other valuables out of your vehicle and then lock the doors.” stated Cpl. Jodi Shelkie.