Racers hit the mountain for training

A week before the hill opens to the public teams from around Western Canada were welcomed Sun Peaks’ Race Training Centre.

SPIN caught up with the racers as they trained for the upcoming season and checked in on Sun Peaks’ staff getting the mountain ready to open next weekend!

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1. A groomer prepares the bottom of 5 Mile for next weekend.




Racers from Fernie wait for their turn on OSV.

3. A Mt.Hood team at the top of OSV.

4. Lift Operators practice loading chairs and greeting the racers.

5. Snow guns were running full blast at the bottom of Chute.

6. Ski Patrol was busy working on 5 Mile.

7. Sun Peaks’ volunteers and parents help get OSV ready for a season of racing.

8. A team from Fernie in a break from the fog.

9. Sun Peaks’ racers discuss their technique. 










10. A team from Mt.Hood work on 5 Mile.








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