It wasn’t the start to his 100th career race in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series that Racin’ Jason White was anticipating; he nearly missed the start due to mechanical problems. He finished 14th in the doubleheader in Saskatoon, Sask. on July 24, however it was a minor bump on a journey full of highs, lows and unpredictable events of NASCAR racing.

White asked himself if it was really happening as his team rushed to get his car into the lineup for the career milestone race.

“We literally put the hood down, rolled the car backwards, started up and rolled out onto the track for the second race,” said White. 

It was symbolic of the perseverance and never-give-up attitude that has taken the Sun Peaks resident and business owner across the finish line over 100 times. He is one of only eight people to ever to accomplish this and is now in an elite category of racers. 

“The significance is being a Western (Canadian) driver,” he said. “90 per cent of the racing has been in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes. It’s basically east of London, Ontario is where all the races are. The effort and the dedication to do 100 races being from the west is why it is such a big deal.”

Racin’ Jason completed his 100th race in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series late July. Photo Mathew Murnaghan.

To accomplish the feat White took over 1,000 flights and used more than three million air miles to travel to and from competitions. 

His career in the Pinty’s series began in 2006 when NASCAR bought CASCAR and White decided to race full time. By 2008 he had earned the title Rookie of the Year. In 2011 he was voted Canada’s Most Popular Driver and Most Improved Driver and was eighth in points. 

However, it wasn’t until recently that he began his push to 100 races. 

“It was this year at Daytona right after I finished the Lucas Oil 200 that Joey McColm (from) CBRT came over to the motorhome,” White recalled. “We had a barbecue and him and I put this deal together to get these six races and get to 100. I started to get pretty excited about it… this February was when I really said ‘okay, let’s go get it.’” 

In the early years of his career White’s ambition to drive full time was met with skepticism from some drivers also based in the west.

“Most of those guys said ‘ah, it’s impossible, there’s no way you can run out east full time’. They all gave up and I just kept soldiering on.”

Had it not been for the support of his family, teams, and sponsors over the years, White said he felt he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish his goal of 100 races. He assured SPIN he’s not retiring from racing anytime soon and will be back in action at the end of August for the Outdoor Truck Series.