Resort instructors complete highest ski certification

Two instructors receive full level four qualification, another receives partial pass
 | April 27, 2022
Photo: Zuzy Rocka

Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR) recently saw two instructors successfully complete their full Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) level four qualification. 

On April 26, the western CSIA level four exams took place at Lake Louise. SPR instructors Jack Giannisis and Daran Young both received their full certification, and instructor Luke Hartigan received a partial pass. 

Ian Logan, SPR’s sports school director, said this is a huge accomplishment for the instructors and for the resort, as level four is the highest possible ski qualification in Canada.

“The majority of staff that are working in Canada teaching skiing are probably level one or two,” Logan said. “Level four accounts for about one per cent [of instructors], so there’s not many level fours around to hire.”

Logan said in the 26 years he’s worked for SPR’s sports school, he’s only seen two other staff fully pass the CSIA level four exam — let alone two in one year.

A woman who has been training with SPR all winter, Mia Bartholdy, also passed the exam. Although she is not currently a staff member, she hopes to join the team next season if she can get her visa approved.

“It’s the dedicated hard work of these individuals here that’s created this success, and all we do in the school here to support and provide an environment for people to be successful,” Logan said.

Having instructors with CSIA level four means SPR will be able to better train other staff and provide a higher level of service to guests.

“There’s so many good things about this for us,” Logan said. “It’s quite an accomplishment.”