Rink refrigeration system to be installed

Nancy Greene Raine and Al Raine drop the puck at the first official game on Jan. 6. | PHOTO SPIN

After challenges connecting the refrigeration plant to it’s power supply, the refrigeration system for Sun Peaks’ new ice rink should be ready to operate by March 18.

“Hopefully we’ll get this thing fired up before the warm weather starts to come in,” said Rob Bremner, the municipality’s chief administrative officer.

Operating the rink during the day has been challenging as warm temperatures and sunlight affect some areas of the surface, while cooler temperatures at night mean most evening skate times have been able to operate with minimal changes.

Sun Peaks Hockey League has been forced to extend their season after several games were canceled due to the melting ice and resulting poor conditions.

Bremner said the B.C. Hydro power connection has now been made. The rink’s lights have been removed from generator power and are also connected to the permanent power supply.

The plant will allow the rink to operate at least until the end of March, and possibly into April, should events and visitor numbers make staying open financially viable.

“We could certainly run it (the rink) into April pretty easily,” he said. “But it will be a matter of what are the usages, how many bookings we have, and does it make any financial sense.”