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Robyn Dell’Unto: More than just a bird

 | May 6, 2011

Feeling those post-winter, post-amazing snow blues? “I’m Here Every Night” by indie sweetheart Robyn Dell’Unto is the ultimate feel-good album for this spring.

“I’m Here Every Night” will put a bounce in your step and a smile on your face, though it definitely appeals more to the female demographic than otherwise. Dell’Unto’s sugary sweet vocals pair excellently with her lighthearted, often comical lyrics.

This is Dell’Unto’s debut album but she’s received incredible recognition already for it, having been featured on CBC’s Being Erica, Disney’s Harriet the Spy and CMT’s Unstable and ER Vets. The album was actually released September 2010 but is now making waves on our side of the country. She recently went on tour with another indie great, Craig Cardiff, playing obscure venues, introducing her songs with the awkward wit that’s cute and somehow alluring at the same time.

Dell’Unto’s video for Just a Bird features her trouncing around the streets of Toronto in a giant chicken costume pulling a red wagon full of instruments. The bird wanders around sad and alone until finally it is reunited with its animal costumed friends. A bit childish, but in a time when artists seem to take themselves far too seriously it’s refreshing to see someone who’s willing to go against the norm.

Some great listens on the album, besides Just a Bird include Astronaut, a song about Dell’Unto’s childhood career dreams, I’ve Got Stars, about a childhood crush on a movie star, and Ghost, a beautiful Sarah McLachlan-esque song.

If you’re looking for the perfect acoustic listener for the days awaiting summer then definitely check out “I’m Here Every Night”.

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