Rogers fixes billing glitch

 | February 3, 2010

A glitch that caused overcharges on Sun Peaks residents’ phone bills is now fixed, a Rogers spokesperson told SPIN Newsmagazine.

“We fixed the issue on Dec. 24,” said Sara Holland, Rogers’ western region communications manager. “We had a technical glitch with our billing system isolated to calls to and from one specific cell tower that impacted customers in the Sun Peaks Resort area. It involved local calls showing up as long distance charges originating from Invermere.”

“We have since identified those impacted and their bills are being automatically adjusted through a billing credit on their account,” Holland added. Depending on your billing cycle, adjustments should show on either your January or February bill.

Several of the residents in the area who were affected by the issue have confirmed that adjustments have been made on their accounts. If you continue to see overcharges related to Invermere calls on your bill, contact Rogers’ customer care department to have the issue resolved.

To contact Rogers customer service, dial 1-888-764-3771 or *611 from your phone.