Rogers to reimburse overcharges on phone bills

 | January 4, 2010

If you’re a Rogers wireless customer and are seeing bills that are higher than usual, you might be one of several Sun Peaks and area residents potentially affected by a technical glitch in the company’s billing system.

SPIN was informed that several local residents were being overcharged on their cellphone bills. Calls that should appear as local calls on their bill are registered as originating in Invermere, B.C. therefore incurring long distance charges. Customers noticed the billing mistake started sometime in September. One local resident who also encountered the same issue has been recently reimbursed by Rogers.

“We had an IT billing issue which we are correcting. We should be adjusting the bills of some of your readers who were experiencing the same problem and their next bill should reflect the adjustment,” said Odette Coleman communications director for Rogers Communications.

Customers who have experienced the same problem with their phone bills can contact Coleman or Sara Holland to have the issue resolved. Once Rogers confirms that the charges are incorrect, the customer will be reimbursed with the overcharged amount.