Securing your winter accommodation

For RentIt seems each year the search for winter accommodation is becoming more difficult for seasonal workers to Sun Peaks. The reality is, securing your new home on the hill requires more leg-work than just a single post on the Sun Peaks Survivors Facebook page. SPIN and Sun Peaks Survivors moderator Ash Bruce have gotten together to provide you with some top tips when looking for accommodation this season.

  1. Check out the SPIN classifieds, in print and online at Even classifieds that have been posted months ago may still be available. Advertisers won’t cancel the ad until the property has been rented, so that rental posting from July is still worth a phone call or email. Make sure to follow @SunPeaksNews on Twitter and “like” Sun Peaks News on Facebook to see new classifieds as soon as they’re put online.
  2. A new Facebook page, Sun Peaks Seasonal Rentals, is also helping people with the search. Head to and check out the listings available, or team up with other house hunters.
  3. Tidy up your Facebook page. “Assume your landlord is also using Facebook. What does your Facebook page say about you? If all your photos and posts are about how much you love to party, you might not be sending the best message,” Bruce recommends.
  4. Get away from the keyboard, suggests Bruce. “Other places to look for accommodation include billboards at various shop locations, or ask your employer if they know of anything.”
  5. Importantly, be proactive. “Go out and see places, ask for pictures if you’re renting and references if you’re renting out. If you want that sweet pad, you’ll have to put in some leg work,” Bruce said.
  6. Be prepared. Make sure your references are up-to-date and you’re ready to go with your damage deposit.
  7. A base of operations. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay short-term or longer-term while you’re searching for a place, check out the Sun Peaks International Hostel. They have the cheapest nightly and weekly rates in the village, and you might meet other like-minded house-hunters in the process.
  8. Know your rights. A residential tenancy is regulated by the B.C. provincial government, and both tenants and landlords have specific rights and responsibilities in a tenancy. Head to for more information on your rights.




  1. This article is great! I’ve been in this tricky situation lately, trying to go on the search for accommodation for the coming winter season whilst also completing my final year of schooling with my HSC (leaving) exams, along with university applications! Still struggling a little but I guess it’s all about being persistent! Thanks for the awesome article and sound advice fellow Aussie!

    (anyone with available accommodation or looking for a roommate, email me?

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