Sibling rivalry is part of the competition at the Subaru Velocity Challenge

Simone Origone from Italy won his second World Cup title in speed skiing on March 5 at the 2011 Subaru Velocity Challenge with a speed of 164.10 km/h.

Photo John Cleaver
Simone Origone from Italy. Photo by John Cleaver.

“I’ve done my job,” said Origone. “I came here to do that. My target is to win my World Cup number seven this winter.” After his wins, Origone now has his sixth and is much closer to his goal.

“It’s a good beginning for the season,” he said. “It’s a really good start.”

While Origone seemed pleased about his athletic accomplishment, winning can be a bittersweet experience for this speed skier.

His brother, Ivan Origone, is currently his biggest competition. The younger Origone took the second spot in today’s World Cup race with a speed of 164.44 km/h—just 0.34th of a second behind his older brother to win the title.

“It’s not so much fun because we live together, we’re travelling together, we stay in the same room; it’s not easy,” explained Simone. “I came here and I want to win (and so does he). It was easier when my (closest competitor) was Philippe May. (He’s from) another team and a friend but it’s easier. Racing with your brother is not easy.”

The Cleaver brothers from Sun Peaks, who both race but just in different categories, may see themselves in the same position in a few years. Sibling rivalry is something that Blade Cleaver can definitely foresee. Cruize Cleaver won the Downhill Junior’s category at 147.15 km/h while Blade Cleaver is at 147.89 km/h in the Men’s Downhill category.

Asked whether competing with his brother Cruize is an advantage or a disadvantage, Blade says he sees it as a disadvantage, despite the fact that he likes being able to race with his brother.

“When he’s my age, he’s gonna be twice as fast as I am now,” he said. “He’s just got that one or two more years to go.”

However, as they say, it’s not personal, it’s just business.

“Ultimately, when you compete, you compete,” said Origone. “You don’t care if it’s your brother, your father or your friend. It’s a race.”

The good thing is that the racers seem to be good sports on and off the course.

“I think it’s a very laidback atmosphere,” said Dave Park,Western Canada’s regional director for Subaru Canada. “All the contestants seem to like each other and enjoy being here. They seem like a big happy family, actually.”

The event’s main sponsors, Subaru Canada and Zimmer Autosport in Kamloops have been supporting the event for the past five years.

Asked why they chose to support the event, Rob Zimmer from Zimmer Autosport said, “It’s our demographics. Subaru people are natural outdoorsy, adventure type people. And the Velocity Challenge’s participants and spectators are our true core customers.”

As part of the event, eight of the latest models from Subaru are on display at the Sun Peaks Resort Village.

“The neatest one down there is the WRX-STI,” said Rob Zimmer. “It’s probably the only car that you can take from the factory, take it and compete in a rally course.”

“We have our Tribecas, Foresters, Legacy, Impreza and our Outbacks down in the village—they’re all beautiful and shiny and we’ve got some great deals on them right now.”

The races will continue tomorrow at 10 a.m. For more information, visit our website at, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@subaruvelocity). For photos, search for subaruvelocity on Flickr.

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