Ski writer to spend time in SilverStar this season

 | November 9, 2020

Lori Knowles has written extensively for ski magazines, and is currently working on a book set in a ski town

Pictured from left: Peter Gilbert, Gracie Gilbert, Emmett Gilbert, Lori Knowles

As crummy, awful and exhausting as COVID-19 has been, it’s not all bad. Indeed, some are finding ways to enjoy the mobility that the “new normal” accommodates. 

The situation has led many to predict that B.C. resorts will be an obvious place for so-called digital nomads to ride out the winter.

After all, where better to isolate and work from home than a ski resort?

Lori Knowles, a freelance writer from Ontario, will be spending a big chunk of the season at SilverStar Mountain Resort. 

Knowles said her family plans to stay within their family bubble while in the resort, as well quarantine before arriving in the community.  

Knowles has written extensively for ski and travel magazines, as well as edited Snow Magazine. 

She said she and her husband, a retired teacher, are thrilled share their passion for the mountains with their kids.  

“It seems natural to us to move to a ski town for two months, and I feel as though I’m giving them  permission to make it a way of life for themselves as well,” explained Knowles. “They can see how we do it, and maybe they’ll do the same thing for their kids, and it will just go on and on.” 

Knowles said the move was made possible because her daughter, who is in Grade 9, was easily able to spend part of the year studying online. 

“We’re not as tied down, because of COVID,” she explained. “So in the winter, [my daughter] will be taking her courses online out west.” 

Knowles also has an 18-year-old son. Like a lot of recent high school graduates, he chose to wait it out a year before going to university, not wanting to study exclusively online. 

Knowles said she and her partner encouraged him to travel out west for a ski season, but that he was reluctant to go, as none of his friends were.

“So …one thing led to another and then we just all decided to go,” said Knowles. 

The family has travelled for skiing before.

In 2016, they took the kids out of school for a couple months and rented an RV, and skied through Western Canada, as well as Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. 

The season in SilverStar should be beneficial for Knowles in more than one way. 

She’s currently working on a book based on skiing. It’s set in a community like SilverStar, though she’s quick to point out that SilverStar isn’t the actual setting of it. 

“I wanted to be in the same kind of atmosphere when I was writing it,” she said of the writing process.  “It will be what they call commercial fiction. So it will be a story that is fun to read and might scare you a bit.” 

To read Knowles’ work, you can check out her personal website here, or you can follow her on Instagram here.