Snowmakers deliver smooth start

SnowmakerSun Peaks Resort Corporation (SPRC) mountain operations manager Jamie Tattersfield has praised the snowmaking team for delivering a smooth start to the season, with a strong base-layer of snow for local and visiting skiers and race teams.

“Every year you approach the start of the season with a checklist of things you have to go through, and I’d have to say this year was extremely smooth,” Tattersfield said. “It’s no easy thing to start up a mountain resort like this, from basically stone cold to full drift in a few weeks.”

Tattersfield gave particular praise to snowmaking supervisor Barney Mouat and his snowmaking team for their efforts to bring the resort up to speed.

“The weather cooperated in the first few weeks, which was good. It allowed us to get our snowmaking effort done very quickly. At the end of the cold spell, we had basically completed all of the snowmaking we would normally have done, plus some,” Tattersfield said

“That allowed us to squeeze things open with very little natural snow. What we’re sitting on right now is that effort. So thank goodness for that, because without that man-made snow, our product would not be as good as it is.

“We’re well set up now for what snow is to come. Let’s just hope it comes quickly. It’s weather. It’s the one part that we just have no control over whatsoever.”

Tattersfield said this year had seen the purchase of a new groomer, bringing the grooming fleet up to eight snowcats, as well as some new snowmaking equipment.

“It’s something the public doesn’t normally see, but it does make it easier for us.”