Socially conscious films playing in the village

Photo by EIS founder and nature photographer James Balog

This summer, the Green Art Festival  will host outdoor film screenings on select weekends, all with a theme of social consciousness.  Continuing their successful film line-up from 2016 which focused on the inseparability of humans with nature, the 2017 shows focus on exhilarating feats, societal critiques and the impact of society on nature.

The 2014 News and Documentary Emmy winning film “Chasing Ice” will be screened on June 24. While on assignment in the arctic for National Geographic, nature photographer James Balog was shocked by the impact climate change had on the glaciers and ice flows. To document the changes, he founded the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS). The EIS team sought to reveal the impact of climate change in their documentary by stationing time lapse cameras across the arctic for up to five years.

Since being aired on television by National Geographic in 2013 the documentary has been viewed in over 170 countries across every continent. The film has received over 30 awards from various film festivals including the Sundance Film Festival and the Big Sky Film Festival, and was also nominated for an Academy Award.

The Green Art Festival is a Sun Peaks-based not-for-profit organization in operation since 2014. Their festivals, hosted on the second weekends both of February and August, aims to create environmental awareness through art.

Sun Peaks local Dasha Novak founded the organization with the goal of creating a program that showcased the beauty of the environment and spurred action in preserving it. Novak, who is experienced in art, film, and program development, wants collaboration between creative art and academic thought with an eco-friendly touch, the Green Art Festival website states.

The films will run until the beginning of September and are sponsored by the Green Art Festival and Tourism Sun Peaks. For more information, visit

June 24 – “Chasing Ice”

July 15 – “Sunshine Superman”

August 5 – “Exit Through the Gift Shop”

August 6 – “The Salt Of The Earth”

August 19 – “The Eagle Huntress”

September 2 – “Life Cycles”