Stay safe, drive sober

 | December 18, 2011

As visitors and residents alike enjoy the festive season, it’s important to make plans for a safe ride home at the end of a night of celebrating. Whether it’s a night out in the pub, a holiday party, or an après ski get-together, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) encourages you to plan ahead for your ride home.

“Let’s make sure that no one’s celebration ends in a crumpled car on the side of the road,” says MADD Canada National President Denise Dubyk. “Plan ahead for a safe and sober ride home.”

No one ever thinks their holiday will entail a car wreck, but every day on average, four Canadians are killed and more than 190 people are injured as a result of impaired driving.

Although there is no Operation Red Nose service available in Sun Peaks, there are ways to make it home safely after a night of revelry including car pooling with a designated driver or dressing for the elements and walking home. Many of the resort’s hotels and inns offer a “take the elevator home” rate to help promote a safe party atmosphere and you need only check at any of their front desks for the rate of the day.

It’s important to note that pedestrians should always use the designated and lighted Valley Trail when travelling between neighbourhoods and the village, as walking along Sun Peaks Road is extremely dangerous in winter when visibility is low and snow banks make the already narrow road just that much tighter. Your body is no match against a sliding vehicle.