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Sun Peaks cookbook serves up a satisfying donation

 | February 13, 2013

Terri Reed cookbookWhen Terri Reed conceived the idea of putting together a cookbook as a fundraiser for the Sun Peaks Health Association, she never guessed how successful it might be.

Since A Taste of Sun Peaks was published less than two years ago the book has generated $7,000 in proceeds for the Health Association.

“I didn’t expect to make that much,” admits Reed, who has been a long-time volunteer with the centre. “I was looking for a couple of thousand dollars I thought would be a nice influx into the health centre, but $7,000 is pretty good.”

The endeavour was a big one for Reed who gathered and entered 342 recipes from over 100 contributors, distributed and sold the books, and collected the funds from the sales. Almost 800 of the cookbooks have been printed, and they’ve made it into the US, to Australia and all over Canada.

“It was a lot of work but it was something I wanted to do and I had great help,” Reed continues. “It was a good community builder, and it’s got great recipes too.”

The funds the cookbook raised represent one of the many donations that are helping build a new health centre at Sun Peaks. The centre has been in the planning stages for some time, but municipal council confirms they will begin construction on the project in 2013.

“We’re planning to break ground (on the centre) this summer and put in the foundation,” explains Councillor Ines Popig. “Then once people see that there’s progress we want to initiate a fundraising campaign . . . and raise as much private money as possible so the impact on the community is minimized.”

Reed’s contribution is a far cry from the hundreds of thousands needed to build the facility, but the volunteerism and financial support of the community and guests represent the bricks that will eventually build a full-scale health centre.

“I really want to see (the centre) get off the ground,” says Reed. “So this was my little present to the health centre; my little two bits to throw at the project.”

And, it was a project that hasn’t gone unnoticed in the community.

“For someone, on their own, to initiate this and carry it through, it’s just an outstanding achievement,” says Popig.

There are only a few copies of A Taste of Sun Peaks left for sale in the village shops, and Reed isn’t planning on running another edition of the cookbook.

For information on the Sun Peaks Health Centre visit: sunpeakshealth.com