Sun Peaks council receives annual document outlining salaries and expenses

Nine staff received remuneration greater than $75,000 in 2020
 | June 16, 2021
Photo by Joel Barde.

An annual review of council and municipal expenses reveals a remarkable thrifty council, amassing a total of $6 in expenses over 2020. 

This year’s Statement of Financial Information was audited by KPMG LLP and covers the year ending on Dec. 31, 2020. 

The document is required under provincial legislation. 

The SOFI report lists the names, and the total amount of remuneration paid to each employee whose earnings exceed $75,000, as well as the amount of expenses paid. 

The report also names the amount paid to all suppliers whose payments exceeded $25,000 for 2020, as well as all grants paid in the year. 

Remuneration includes regular wages, overtime, vehicle allowances, taxable benefits and other payouts paid in the year. 


– Mayor Al Raine: $ 10,000 (remuneration) $ 6 (expenses) 

– Councillor Darcy Alexander  $6,000 (remuneration) 

– Councillor Rob O’Toole $6,000 (remuneration) 

– Councillor Ines Popig $6,000 (remuneration) 

– Councillor Mario Pozza $6,000 (remuneration) 


Totals for all staff: $1,839,026 (remuneration)  $52,034 (expenses). 

Nine staff received remuneration greater than $75,000. You can view a list of them and their respective expense totals here. 

Total expenditures for provision of goods and services in 2020: $12,869,490

These include:   

– Greyback Construction Ltd. $3,969,111

– PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. $3,094,671

– Urban Systems Ltd. $475,424

– Sun Peaks Resort LLP $423,260

– Thompson-Nicola Regional District $324,502

Total grants and contributions: $5,102.