Sun Peaks DJ quartet getting ready for takeoff

They’re arguably the best act to come out of Sun Peaks. Operating under various aliases over the years, now they’re Bangers & Mash, and they know how to get the night scene going!

Bangers & Mash is a collaborative effort of a group of four men who’ve called Sun Peaks their home on and off for the past eight years. Whether opening up for main acts, hosting nights at Club Mackdaddy’s, or stirring everyone up at Bottoms Bar and Grill, these boys know what they’re doing and it’s about time they decided to combine forces.

The collective is made up of Autumn Gillingham, Dom Koric, Trevor Seaby and Ryan Wilkinson or as you may know them: Autumnbomb, D-Funkt, Sgt. Seaby and DangerTree respectively. The guys have been friends for over eight years.

Bangers & Mash have combined musical forces. They are four DJs, eight turntables and an endless list of tracks consisting of everything from funk to breaks, progressive house to dubstep.

As Koric explains, Bangers & Mash performances are nothing short of a full workout.

“There are four guys spinning, you never know which direction the music will go,” he explains. “We all have our favourite banger tracks and when you combine all those great tracks it’s a night of relentless banging beats that doesn’t let up!”

Not to mention that there are four—not one—DJs out there bringing new chemistry and energy to their performances.

It takes a definite level of skill to coordinate track mixing between eight different decks, and this type of talent is a much needed addition to the Kamloops music scene. While the nightlife scene has been dominated by blues and rock bands, electronic music has become more prominent. Who doesn’t love to go out and enjoy a few tasty beverages and a night of non-stop dancing?

Gillingham says he thinks the Kamloops music scene is showing a lot of promise, most notably over the past year.

“Cactus Jacks and Rivers are also stepping up to the plate and bringing in some big names such as Skrillex, Morgan Page and Chris Lake,” he says. “It feels like we may be catching up to some of the bigger urban centres, and it’s been a long time coming. Getting to see and experience shows and styles that you used to have to travel to Vancouver for is priceless!”

Bangers & Mash will make two appearances this month. Cactus Jacks Saloon is celebrating its 25th anniversary June 16, 17 and 18. The boys will be playing on Friday night until 2 a.m.

“Twenty-five years is a huge milestone for any business, never mind a nightclub,” says Seaby. “We’re honoured and excited to play.”

The second Bangers & Mash appearance will take place July 14, also at Cactus Jacks Saloon, alongside Hot Young Girls.

And you can be sure there are Sun Peaks shows in the works for later this year. As Wilkinson says, home is where the heart is.

“Our experience playing at Sun Peaks has been nothing short of amazing. It’s where most of us started off and continues to be where we perform on a regular basis,” he says. “The locals up there are like family and they’ve shown such overwhelming support—we love our fans!”

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