Sun Peaks local running for the Perfect Pool Guy

 | October 13, 2010

A local hot tub expert is in the running to become Pleatco’s Perfect Pool Guy.

Dan Stebner, owner and operator of Sun Peaks Aquatics, is one of more than 130 nominees for the Perfect Pool Guy contest, a competition aiming to recognize excellence in individuals working in the pool and spa industry. A Perfect Pool Gal award will also be selected from the entries. Contestants hail from the US and Canada.

Greg Hennessy decided to submit Stebner’s name into the competition after seeing the care and professionalism with which Stebner runs his business.

“I’ve seen the way other hot tub companies are running their businesses . . . his is truly the only one who’s a hot tub professional and trying to move forward in the industry,” said Hennessy.

“He’s very passionate about his industry. One example is he created a product called the Spa Lash. It’s an independent hot tub locking device,” he added. “He saw a need for it so he went and created this invention. He’s got a patent on it.”

The Spa Lash is a mesh covered steel cord strap that goes over the lid of a hot tub. It has a lock and key to secure the hot tub for safety reasons.

“I started with eight hot tubs in the first year, and now we far exceed that,” said Stebner, who started his Sun Peaks-based business in early 1997 when the ski resort was still small. His business grew along with the expansion of the resort. He also recently opened a retail store for hot tubs in Sun Peaks. “It’s for Hydropool. It’s their first attempt at having a resort-based hot tub store, so they’re quite excited too,” Stebner explained. “The idea is to better serve the growing population that are working here full-time.” To put that in perspective, Sun Peaks has 500 permanent residents and just as many hot tubs.

The winners of the Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy and Gal competition will be flown to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas for the International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo. They’ll also receive a scholarship worth $5,000 for advanced pool maintenance training and will appear in Pleatco’s national ad campaign.

When John Antretter, co-owner of Pleatco, and his business partner first started the contest in 2008, they thought they’d create a lighthearted, silly competition. Instead, they were amazed by the stories of people who entered or were nominated for the contest.

Antretter said the entries they received were real human interest stories like one individual who taught handicapped children to learn to swim.

“We were blown away,” he said. The winners will be chosen based on online votes and a rigorous selection process by a panel of judges.
The deadline for online voting is on Oct. 15.

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