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Local Spotlight on Megan Dunne

 | August 16, 2012

With fresh, crisp chef whites on and hands covered in flour, you’d never guess the local baker’s alter ego.

Sun Peaks Bakery’s Megan Dunne is not only talented in the kitchen but she’s also talented on the dance floor. Salsa, jive or a slow waltz won’t heat this girl up but give her a poi (a fire wand) and some kerosene, and look out.

Dunne started training with a fire dancing troupe about five years ago while doing her cooking training. As she began to strengthen her wrists and her balance, she was soon hooked.

“My Chinese zodiac is a Fire Tiger, so I kind of identify with the elements of fire,” says Dunne.

Dunne is currently looking into securing performance insurance so she can fire dance at functions and parties; a sure-fire way to heat up any event out there.